BGMC Performance Policies

We are pleased to welcome you to a BGMC performance! Below please find several policies that are commonly asked about.

CHILDREN - BGMC welcomes children and families to our performances. Everyone who enters the theater must have a ticket; lap sitting is not permitted. Many children can remain quiet, attentive, and seated for a performance, but you know your child best. No persons under three years of age are allowed in the performance hall.

PHOTOGRAPHY - photography is not permitted during the performances as it is both distracting to fellow audience members and performers.

VIDEO/AUDIO Recording - Due to stringent copyright laws video and/or audio recording is not permitted. Many selections from BGMC performances are available at the BGMC at You Tube Channel where all licensing have been obtained.

TICKET SALES - all ticket sales are final.

WILL CALL - all tickets must be picked up within 30 minutes of the announced start time of the show.

LATE SEATING - is at the discretion of the house management.

If you have any questions, please contact the BGMC office.