Anand Sitaram

Anand Sitaram joined the Chorus in Fall 2014 soon after moving across the country from San Diego. He grew up near Dallas, TX and has a Ph.D. degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. "When I'm not singing, I'm in the lab at UMass Med School in Worcester studying very small worms to understand how our cells fight back against bacterial toxins. How small are the worms? I pick them up with my own eyelashes! I also like to square, contra, and line dance. And I also sing in an all-male barbershop a cappella chorus. I really hope someday my two singing groups can do some kind of joint project!"

"I joined the Chorus to keep having the kind of fun and fellowship I had for three years in the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus and instantly make over a hundred awesome, artistic gay friends in my new city." Anand is single (and has a soft spot for redheads).

A fun thing about Anand is: the only time in his life he ever had been skinny dipping was in Loch Ness, Scotland, just so that in the future he'd have something crazy to say for questions like this.

Anand's favorite part of the holidays is: "Seeing people embracing the spirit of the season and coming together and caring for one another."