Bob Linscott

NOTE: In 2004 BGMC was on the front lines of the fight for marriage equality. On March 10, 2004 members of the Chorus delivered CD’s of “Marry Us” to every state legislator.

The highlight of my morning was entering Hon. Patricia Haddad’s office. As I walked in, her receptionist looked at the bundle in my hand and said ‘Are you with the Gay Men’s Chorus?” She said “Don’t move,” then yelled down the hall “Patricia your CD is here!” Rep. Haddad came right out and told me that she was so excited we were there today. She said she was flipping the radio stations on her way into work and she heard the ‘most beautiful music’ on WBZ – she said she thought she was on the wrong station because ‘she never hears beautiful music on WBZ.’ She listened to the piece on the Chorus and was waiting for our arrival

March, 2004