Michael Lombo

Michael Lombo joined BGMC in January 2000 and in May of 2003 met a guy on an RSVP cruise and moved to Canada for just about 6 years. He came back to Boston in October 2008, began work as a Ballroom Dance Instructor and rejoined the BGMC at the very first opportunity in September of 2010 just in time to solo on the Joy CD!

Michael grew up in Southern NJ and has a BA in Music with minors in Theatre and Dance from Rowan University. He spends his days working for the Boston Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps, a not for profit not so different from the BGMC. He is also the director and choreographer of the Norwood High School Colorguard, as well as instructor for 2 other area Winterguards. He has also started choreographing musicals for area High Schools.

“I joined the chorus to help fulfill my love of singing and performing, never realizing that I was also going to find a network of brothers that have become close friends and confidants,” he said. Michael’s partner Sean is also in the chorus because “I made him join – it’s one of the only times in the week we are in the same place at the same time! He loves it as much as I do.”

With such a busy schedule, why give so much to the Chorus? “My participation with chorus fills me with joy and I love that I can share that with our audiences. Music is powerful and touches the soul... that is why I sing, that is why we sing and I truly believe that we change lives.”