Neil Vargas

Neil Vyas was in the Chorus from 2012 - 2014. He grew up in Southern California and earned his MD degree from UCLA School of Medicine. When he's not singing with the BGMC he was a resident physician of Opthalmology at Boston Medical Center. “I joined the Chorus to continue my love for singing and to find a new amazing community of friends and family after moving all the way from California,” said the single Tenor 2.

Neil describes his participation with the Chorus: “With the Chorus, I get the perfect outlet to continue my love for singing while also joining a community of fun, diverse and talented men. I love being a vocal part of the LGBT community promoting advocacy through the unique medium of music."

Neil’s favorite part of the holidays are the lights, the music, gingerbread cookies, and time with family. "I'm not so excited about the cold and the snowstorms," he adds with a wink.